If you look up the word God in the Shorter Oxford and most standard dictionaries, it will say something like creator and ruler of the universe. Most of us don't understand our computers, let alone ourselves. No one understands the universe - even Einstein had to employ someone to do his income tax returns!

The fact that the age of everything can be detected, powerfully hints there was a time when there was nothing. And the fact that whatever huge number you can invent you can always add to it, hints that infinity is also a possibility!

But knowing these things does not bring us nearer to a supernatural deity or the deity's possible motives. By definition 'God' would have to be greater than the sum of all created things to have created them. So if we are going to know any more about God, he will have had to reach down into this created world and communicate his motives.

And he has.

We believe that he did so in the Lord Jesus Christ. We believe that he reveals himself in love and invites us to
know him - well a little better! In his Word he tells us who he is and offers us a way of life that will be filled with his truth and generosity.

We can read about him in his word; the Word of God.

We can learn about him from the Church in the Creed.

We can look at his face in the
mirror of the cross

We can
look and pray and listen and pray.

We can walk the
way of his life in the Paschal Mystery of his cross and resurrection.

We are his witnesses.

This whole website has him written up on every page!!!!!!!!!!!