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St. Francis loved scripture;
he read it, listened to it, devoured it.

He stuffed it into his heart

and he lived it.

The Life of
Saint Francis

One of St. Francis’ first followers was a rich man called Bernard.
He was well known and respected in his town of Assisi.
Bernard was impressed by St. Francis’ simple life and his happiness.

Bernard spies on Francis
He invited Francis to sleep at his house one night.
When they went to bed Bernard pretended to be asleep by snoring very loudly but really he was spying on Francis.
He then witnessed Francis praying. The words he heard Francis saying were, ‘My God and my all’.

Bernard is hooked
By the next morning Bernard was hooked!! He told Francis that in his heart he wanted to leave the world behind and do whatever Francis told him to do.

Jesus’ advice
Francis was overjoyed and immediately suggested that they asked Jesus for advice, as this was such a difficult venture.
They rushed off to the Bishop’s Palace and after Mass they asked the priest to open the Missal. He made the sign of the Cross and opened it three times.
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Bernard’s new life
Francis told Bernard to go and do all these things perfectly.
Bernard went straight off to sell all his possessions. He was seriously rich! Francis helped him distribute the money to the poor and needy. It was their lucky day.

Bernard and Francis wanted to live out what Jesus had told them one hundred percent.

How can Jesus help us as he helped Bernard?

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Have you got anything...that you own... that you don’t use anymore? Is there someone you could give it to who will make better use of it?

Adverts tell us all the time that we need this and that to make us happy.

You don’t need lots of junk to get through life. You are the most important thing. You and the people you meet everyday.

It’s important that we make room for Jesus in our lives.

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Imagine you are going to the beach for the day. You would want to make sure that you have everything you need, a towel, swimming costume, food and so on. When we are too little someone does this for us.

It is good to be very little with Jesus so that he can help us.


Picking up your own cross means taking the difficult things, like, not wanting to go to school or meeting someone who isn’t always kind to you and knowing that Jesus is there helping you.

Sometimes we have to trust that Jesus has something to say to us in these situations.

St. Francis loved scripture; he read it, listened to it, devoured it. He stuffed it into his heart and lived it.