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Claresite is for Kids!

Kid’s Cloister is the monastery for you. You can drop in and have a look round. Read about ‘The Jester, the Lady and the Saint’ and other people with quite a past and no end of an eternity!

Meet Pope Francis - In Italian they call him Papa, that is short for Pater Patrum or the Dad of Dads! Find out about the Saint of the Month or get to know St Clare who invented your little sisters eight hundred years ago - and try your hand at a Worksheet.

Saint Francis loved scripture, this is him stuffing it in his heart.
Want to find out what it’s all about? Visit the FRANscript pages.

Would you like to meet a real nun? Sr Anezka looks after two puppies and a pet Blog called
Anezka’s Nest. The puppies are called Tiger Lilly and Hephzibah.

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Then there is Tony. Tony is in his last year at Primary School. He used to live in Basham Street over the border in England - but life has given him a break and he is now on the other side of the Mersey, entirely, in Wales. Wales is where your little sisters live. Wales of course is marvellous...

Jim, who is undersized but tough. He and his friend Stanza in their first year at senior school, they are discovering the Holy Spirit - against all odds…

It rains a lot - but you can’t have a rainbow without rain!