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We follow in the footprints of the Lord Jesus, trying humbly to live the Gospel as he invited us to, in the Church he founded.

We are women who try to live like the Handmaid of the Lord and walk in the Franciscan way, in obedience without property and in chastity in a lifestyle given by St Francis to St Clare and reformed by St Colette. The Love of the Lord is new every morning - and we are still trying to be born anew every day!

We live in Wales, Great Britain and our home is a monastery called Ty Mam Duw which means House of the Mother of God. You might enjoy a bit of our story here

Others who share the Franciscan Charism have helped to shape the way we see things. There is something for every one; Claresite for the under eighties is for our less senior viewers and the Craft corner enables us to share some of the things we do.

Our daily life is spent in prayer; adoring the Lord and interceding for the needs of all humankind before him. Many people, all over the world feel called to join us in this and we have a prayer line, called Clareshare, which you are welcome to join. If you would like to be prayed for please contact us, this line is anonymous, but if you would be pleased for us to reply please add your email. We are here before the Lord for you.

If you would like a short simple thought for the day join
Little Hearts!

If this way of following Jesus appeals to You, personally, have a look at How to be a Nun and FAQ’s on our life. Our life is simply and humbly a life of love lived with the Lord. If your vocation is to follow Christ where you are but would like to do it in the spirit of St Clare we have a simple rule that has helped many people to live the good news with joy.

And there is a lot more....

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